Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sand Storm over Sydney. 23rd September 2009

Another truly beautiful, yet horrifying spectacle of nature graced this fine planet today. The city of Sydney in Australia was blackened out by an incredible red/orange glowing sandstorm. Creating a thick warm cloud over the city.

Enjoy these stunning images that have been uploaded recently to the photo sharing website Flickr. If you click on any of the images it will take you to the photographer's stream so you can leave a comment or read their personal log of the 'event.'

Thank you for looking.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Mammatus Clouds Over New York 26/6/09

Last night in New York City, on the 26th of June 2009, nature showed one of its most amazing spectacles of the sky, the Mammatus cloud. Looking like something straight out of a science fiction movie it hovered there for enough time for all resident New Yorkers to come out on to the street and watch this amazing sight.

Have a look at these amazing pictures I have gathered from Flickr that showcase the evening. None of these are manipulated in any extreme way. In fact, some were actually taken using a mobile phone. If you click on the picture it should take you direct to the original link.